Honda Center Adopts Fan-Friendly Mobility Solutions


StadiumVision distributes customized video and digital content to viewers throughout the Honda Center.

Already one of the premiere entertainment and sports venues in the country, the Honda Center—home of the National Hockey League (NHL) Anaheim Ducks, large-scale concerts, and 2014 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Men’s basketball championship games—is being transformed.

Through a new, state-of-the-art digital content delivery system called StadiumVision, the Honda Center is enhancing the interaction between its partners and its 1.5 million annual guests. Through an intelligent Cisco IP network, StadiumVision synchronizes live video feeds and content throughout the venue—on the big screen and to more than 500 digital displays. This allows teams to deliver very targeted promotions and offerings.

“We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in live sports and entertainment,” says Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Honda Center, “[StadiumVision] will change the way our fans experience our events, and the way our partners can communicate and engage with all of our fans.”

More Information: To see a video about the Honda Center’s StadiumVision, click here.