Essential Communications, With or Without Power


SP Energy Networks’ control center uses a core IP network and unified communications to ensure an always-on connection for engineers.

Maintaining operational communications is a key priority for SP Energy Networks, a division of ScottishPower. In the event of equipment failure, engineers in the field need to communicate with the control center via a secure telephone network that is unaffected by the main power supply.

Moving to a core IP network and unified communications system has helped meet these requirements.

“The Cisco network is critical. If the system doesn’t work, the lights—literally—will go out,” says Richard Rutherford, senior systems engineer for SP Energy Networks. “If we can’t communicate with a substation in the middle of switching out a transmission line, and there is a problem that engineers can’t discuss with control, then that power line could go down and we risk losing customers.”

More Information: Download the SP Energy Networks Case Study.