Telecom Italia Testing SDN


Learn how Italy’s largest telecom service provider is leapfrogging competition via a partnership with the country’s leading universities.

When Italy’s largest telecom service provider, Telecom Italia, decides to harness network programmability through software-defined networking (SDN), it will be way ahead of competitors thanks to a collaborative effort with five of the country’s top universities.

The company relies on technical innovation to differentiate, protect its market position, and grow its business. The issue: resource-intensive applications are causing network traffic to grow exponentially, putting high demands on the existing network. Company leaders see SDN as the keys to building a simpler, smarter, more agile infrastructure. 

As a first step, Telecom Italia collaborated with five Italian universities to build a SDN lab. The company’s engineers are using the lab to learn network programming and automation technologies, and they’re testing out faster, more efficient ways to introduce new services.

“Creating a software model of the network can speed time to market and reduce the amount of human intervention needed, improving service profitability,” says Paolo Fasano, Broadband Network Services Innovation Manager for Telecom Italia.