Paving the Way for the Future of Retail, Part 1


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$506 billion dollars. In the retail industry, this is the Digital Value at Stake globally over the next three years. It's a big opportunity. And yet, less than one quarter of retailers are actively doing something to secure those dollars.

This two-part series explores the impact of digital disruption on the retail industry. This episode dives into the problem: why retailers are leaving money on the table. Stefanie McCann, editor of Connected Futures Magazine is joined by Shaun Kirby, leader of Cisco's Rapid Prototyping Group and Jason Goldberg, SVP at Razorfish.

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Shaun Kirby, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Consulting Services

As chief technology officer of Cisco Consulting Services, Shaun Kirby is responsible for sensing and evangelizing the key trends that will disrupt and transform the business world. Working across industries, he incubates game-changing solutions to propel customers ahead of the curve, while leading the interlock between the field and Cisco Engineering and Research and Development. Kirby’s current role is backed by years of deep industry experience. Prior to his role as CTO, he led the Innovations Architecture Practice for Cisco, which developed robust reference architectures for visionary solutions. These were powered by Cisco technology as well as client-specific architectures and roadmaps for implementation.

Jason “RetailGeek” Goldberg, Senior Vice President of Commerce and Content, Razorfish

Jason Goldberg is a fourth generation retailer and senior vice president of Commerce & Content at Razorfish. He sits on the board of directors of and has been named one of the 50 retail influencers. He has served as an expert witness on digital shopper marketing and e-commerce in federal court. As lead of the Commerce & Content practice at Razorfish, he helps retailers deliver great shopping experiences across a variety of physical and digital touch points.


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