The Top 7 Reasons You Need to Pay Attention to Data


Industry thought leaders share why you need to consider data for digital transformation

Big data is only getting bigger. Adding to this, sensors, cameras, wearables, and applications are making it highly distributed. But data is just data if you aren’t able to analyze and act on it. So how can you achieve digital transformation by paying attention to data? Thought leaders share their reasons below.

  1. Data Allows You To Disprove Things You Believe To Be True
    Doug Stephens, Founder, Retail Prophet

  1. Digital Transformation Requires New Organization Structures Designed for Data
    Chris Skinner, Author, Digital Bank

  1. Data Brings Better Experiences
    Brett King, Founder/CEO, Moven

  1. It’s Critical to Use Data Contextually and Quickly
    Brett King, Founder/CEO, Moven
    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

  1. Get Your Data Organized
    Dr. George Westerman, Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy
    Michael Olmstead, Director, Plug and Play Retail

  1. Big Data Means Big Responsibility
    Jerry Silva, Research Director, IDC Financial Insights

  1. Learn How to Handle the Influx of Data
    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Connecting “things” is but a means to an end. Winners will be chosen by those who can successfully integrate, automate, and analyze the data. Not to those who connect the most assets.

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