Top Five Mobility Trends CXOs Should Watch


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In this podcast, Analysys Mason's Chris Nicoll shares how industry trends are shaping the future of mobility and what it means for executives.

About the Podcasters

Chris Nicoll, Analysys Mason
Chris Nicoll is the head of Analysys Mason's Network Technologies and Enterprise and M2M research practices. His primary areas of specialization include wireless access technologies, wireless traffic forecasting, mobile infrastructure and operator strategy. Chris has more than 20 years of expertise as a leader in defining telecoms strategy.

Doug Webster, Cisco
Doug Webster is the Vice President of SP Marketing for Cisco Systems. In that capacity, he has go-to-market responsibilities for overall thought leadership, messaging, launch, content, and program development on the company’s service provider strategy and priorities, as well as oversight of the service provider routing, video and mobility product and solutions marketing teams.

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