Unleash Mobility with an Innovative IT Infrastructure


About this podcast

A discussion with Farpoint Group's Craig Mathias, highlights how mobility strategies can be future-proofed through an infrastructure-centric approach.

About the Podcasters

Craig J. Mathias, Farpoint Group
Craig is an internationally-recognized, frequently-quoted expert on wireless communications and mobile computing, and has published numerous technical and overview articles on a wide variety of topics. He is a well-known and often-quoted industry analyst and frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, as well as in Webcasts, Webinars, podcasts, and videos.

Chris Spain, Cisco
Chris Spain is Vice President Product Management of Cisco’s Enterprise Infrastructure & Solutions Group. Chris has a background in switching, wireless networking, and telecommunications. He has held executive positions at Juniper, Network Equipment Technologies, and General Datacomm. Most recently, he was Vice President of Product Marketing & Technical Marketing for Aruba Networks.

See How Cities and People Interact
Mobility is making our cities smarter. Watch this clip to learn why.

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