The Last Checkout Line


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IDC's Leslie Hand shares how the retail landscape is evolving and what will be needed to make the Last Checkout Line ever become a reality.

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Leslie Hand, Vice President, IDC Retail Insights
As Vice President for IDC Retail Insights, Leslie Hand is responsible for the research direction for IDC Retail Insights, an IDC industry business unit that provides global, fact-based research and analysis on best practices and the use of information technology that assists clients in improving their capabilities in key process areas.

Before joining IDC, Ms. Hand spent 28 years in the retail industry, with 5 years in operations and 23 in retail information technology and technology strategy. While in retail operations she managed stores and was instrumental in defining new customer centric and yet more efficient operational processes. While in retail technology she has guided strategy, technology selections, development, implementation and support efforts for almost all retail functional technologies in a variety of retail segments that include grocery, drug store, and specialty. She leverages this experience to provide relevant advice to retailers and technologists on technology, technology strategy, and business processes.

Lisa Fretwell, Senior Director in the Cisco Consulting Services (CCS)
Lisa Fretwell is a senior director in the Cisco Consulting Services (CCS) specializing in the retail and consumer products industries. CCS works with many of the world's leading companies to help them to help them use technology to accelerate transformation within their industries.

Lisa brings more than 15 years of experience from the European retail and consumer products industries. Working at the board level, she has a track record of providing advisory services and helping businesses deliver significant business transformation programs. Within Cisco she specializes in collaboration, mobility and cross channel shopping experiences.

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