Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation - Part 2


About this Podcast

Futurists Ade McCormack and Thornton May explore how common barriers to digital transformation can be overcome with the right digital strategy.

About the Podcasters

Futurists Ade McCormack and Thornton May discuss the importance of developing a digital strategy and explore steps CXOs can take to create one.

Ade McCormack – Near Futurist, Digital Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Author

Ade has 30 years of experience working in the digital space. He is an expert on the future of work, workers, leadership and humanity, as well as on the confluence of macro-economic, digital and anthropological trends. He is the digital leadership columnist for the Financial Times, and also writes as an opinion columnist for CIO magazine. Ade is the author of multiple books including, ’IT Demystified’ – The IT handbook for business professionals, ‘The IT Value Stack’ – A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership, ‘The e-Skills Manifesto – A Call to Arms’ for the European Commission, and Beyond Nine to Five: Your career guide for the digital age.

Thornton May – Futurist, Author and Educator

Thornton’s extensive experience researching and consulting on the role and behaviors of “C” level executives in creating value with information technology has won him an unquestioned place on the short list of serious thinkers on this topic. Thornton combines a scholar’s patience for empirical research, a stand-up comic’s capacity for pattern recognition and a second-to-none gift for storytelling to address the information technology management problems facing executives. The editors at eWeek honored Thornton, including him on their list of Top 100 Most Influential People in IT. The editors at Fast Company labeled him ‘one of the top 50 brains in business.’

More Information: The Internet of Everything creates unprecedented opportunities for countries, cities, industries, and businesses to become digital. Learn more how you can be ready for this digital transformation.

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