The Converging IT Landscape


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Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy, shares how convergence is bringing together applications, systems and processes to help organizations innovate.

About the Podcasters

Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy
Patrick Moorhead was ranked the #1 technology analyst in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. by Apollo Research in January ’14 and is one of the most cited technology analysts in the world. He has been recognized in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, USA Today and many more. Before Patrick started the firm, he spent 21-years as a high-tech strategy and marketing executive who has addressed the personal computer, mobility, graphics, and server ecosystems. Unlike other service firms, Moorhead held executive positions leading strategy, marketing, and product groups.

Carlos Dominguez, Formerly Cisco
Carlos Dominguez is President and Chief Operating Officer of Sprinklr, as well as a technology evangelist. At the time of recording this episode, Carlos was a Senior Vice President in the office of the Chairman and CEO of Cisco. He has deep knowledge of current and emerging technology and trends and is a passionate innovator. He challenges and motivates audiences worldwide with engaging, highly animated presentations full of deep insight into how adaptable cultures can create winning organizations.

Get Ready
The next wave of the Internet is upon us. Read how others are preparing, and learn how we can help you do the same.

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