40% of Market Leaders to Be Rocked by Digital Disruption



The Digital Vortex

Digital disruption is redefining industries. To learn more about the current state of digital disruption and the outlook for industries, the DBT Center recently surveyed 941 business and IT leaders in 12 industries. The results are troubling: Digital disruption will displace 40 percent of today's top 10 incumbents by industry over the next five years. Almost half of companies surveyed are not addressing the risk.

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New Paths to Customer Value: Disruptive Business Models in the Digital Vortex

This paper expands on the imperative, outlined in The Digital Vortex, to create new value for customers—cost value, experience value, and platform value—and provides a taxonomy of digital business models, including examples of the disruptors who use them to create this value.

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Value Vampires and Value Vacancies

This paper explores subsets of digital disruptors deemed “value vampires.” A value vampire is a company with a competitive advantage that shrinks the overall market size. Value vampires practice combinatorial disruption—creating cost value, experience value, and platform value simultaneously.

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Disruptor and Disrupted: Strategy in the Digital Vortex

As more companies embrace digital disruption, there is a real acceleration in the pace of technological change, improved business model innovation, and the blending of industries.

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Enter the Digital Vortex

In the Digital Vortex, industries inevitably move toward a “digital center” in which business models, offerings, and value chains are digitized to maximum extent.

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