Digital Transformation Is Not a Luxury. It’s a Necessity.



Disrupt to Win

Considering the speed at which disruption is occurring, change will be uncomfortable, even when it presents new opportunities.

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More on Digital Transformation Across Industries


The following report dives into the new era of innovation and competition in the manufacturing industry. With the right digital processes in place, manufacturers can leapfrog competitors with improved uptime, safety, energy savings, and customer engagements.

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Financial Services

This report covers the need for digital transformation in the retail banking industry. A “value gap” emerges when customers do not receive financial advice when and where they need it. Banks can close the ‘value gap’ and regain customer trust through new services enabled by the Internet of Everything (IoE).

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This retail-focused report, focuses on how digital transformation has dramatically changed the shopping behaviors of consumers. As a result, retailers need to forget everything they thought they knew about today’s consumer, including traditional customer segmentation – digital shopping behaviors now transcend traditional demographic parameters of age and income.

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