Roadmap to Digital Value in the Retail Bank Industry



How Retail Banks Can Chart a Roadmap to Digital Value

Retail banks face no shortage of challenges — everything from agile “fintech” disruptors and changing customer expectations to complex compliance demands and outmoded IT investments. By adopting some key digital use cases, however, retail banks can capture their share of an enormous opportunity: $405 billion in industry-wide digital Value at Stake from 2015-2017. These use cases offer banks a chance to create efficiencies and savings that can be reinvested in exciting customer experiences. And become the secure and innovative firms that will drive their own disruption.

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A Roadmap to Digital Value in Retail Banking

Retail banks have a tremendous opportunity to capture new value and drive their own disruption. This paper details specific digital use cases that can help banks differentiate with innovative new offerings and business models.

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Where to Begin Your Journey to Digital Value in the Private Sector

The digital landscape within the private sector has changed dramatically over the last three years. This new economic analysis outlines the global value of digitization, and highlights where to start driving value right now.

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The Advice Advantage

Global banks can transform customer interactions to increase profitability. The next step of the journey is for banks to evolve the kinds of dynamic, personalized interactions that consumers now demand, and to deliver the right interactions to the right customer segments.

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