Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends in 2017


During the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, the analyst firm released its list of trends you can’t afford to ignore next year.

“These trends will have the biggest impact to digital disruption,” according to Gartner’s David Cearley, VP and fellow.

They were broken down into three categories: Intelligent, Digital, and Mesh.


  1. Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI will be the primary battle ground for service providers through 2020.
  2. Intelligent Apps: These are operational applications that include smart security and smart enterprise apps.
  3. Intelligent Things: These are everything from sensors to appliances. They include medical devices, robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles.


  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality: These immersive technologies allow consumers to explore features and convey additional information that can aid in a buying decision. According to Gartner, these technologies may become the standard customer experience paradigm for human-to-machine interactions.
  2. Digital Twin: A dynamic software model of a thing or system. This model relies on sensors and or data to understand its state, respond to changes, improve operations, and add value.
  3. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger: This technology could impact everything from financial transactions, to money, to community information exchanges. Its impact will be broad and far-reaching. For example, the use of blockchain can increase reliability of transactions while maintaining the privacy. This will allow ecosystems of partners to interact with more freedom and diversity than ever before.


  1. Conversational Systems: These technologies, such as Amazon's Alexa, allows consumers to buy items or give customers daily updates that can alter people’s habits and lifestyles.
  2. Digital Technology Platforms: New digital opportunities and evolving threats, mean that CIOs need a platform that brings resources together to create value.
  3. Intelligent Digital Mesh: CEOs predict by 2020, 46 percent of the customer-perceived value proposition of their products and services will be digital. According to Gartner, this means a blending of physical and digital domains is the primary driver of digital business value.
  4. Adaptive Security and Architecture: Gartner also states that CIOs should shift their security mindset from ‘incident response’ to ‘continuous response.’ This means assuming systems will be compromised and require continuous monitoring and remediation.

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