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Be inspired and challenged to think and act differently in this new, digital age. Business and technology must work together like never before.

About Connected Futures

Connected Futures brings together experts, analysts, and thought leaders to help inform and engage business leaders like you. Here you will read, hear, and see insights focused on the intersection of business, technology, and people. Explore market shifts and case studies to challenge your thinking. Discover ways to make the most of your resources. Learn how you can innovate now to address the changing needs of your customers.

Being ready for the future is critical to business success.

Cisco is the platform for digital transformation. Connected Futures is your guide.


About Research and Insights

Make better decisions that turn great ideas into value. Grounded in primary research and economic analysis, our unique insights provide a road map to success in a digital world. We bring you real-world examples from across the private and public sectors. By combining strategy, process, and technology, we help you link your digitization efforts to results that matter most.


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Executive Editor and Senior Writer

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Eran Levy

Executive Director

Derek Slater

Contributing Writer

Thornton May

Futurist, Educator, Author

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Ade McCormack

Near Futurist, Digital Strategist, Speaker, Author

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Michael Wade

Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD

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Craig Mathias

Principal, Farpoint Group

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